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Weakley County Assessor of Property

► Appraises and assesses all taxable real and personal property not appraised by the state
► Perform countywide reappraisal programs on a five-year cycle in order to keep appraisals current.
► Maintains ownership information and property maps showing ownership boundaries.
► Is required by law to verify certain information on real estate sales.
► Total Weakley County Parcel Count: 21,080

The Constitution
The Tennessee Constitution provides for each county to have an assessor of property, elected for a term of four years. Any country resident over the age of 18 who is not otherwise disqualified from holding public office (by virtue of certain criminal convictions or other legal disqualification's) may seek the office of assessor of property. No educational or experience requirements apply, and the number of terms an assessor may serve is unlimited. The assessor of property is elected every four years at the regular August election occurring two years after the governor's elections and takes office on September 1 following the election, upon receiving the proper certificate of election, being officially bonded and taking the required oath of office. Failure to take and file the proper oath and bond is a misdemeanor offense.

Deputies and Secretaries
The assessor is authorized by law to have at least one deputy for 4,500 parcels of property above the first 4,500 parcels in the county. Each deputy has the same power, duties, and liability as the assessor with respect to the appraisal, classification, and assessment of property. If the assessor does not have enough parcels of property to qualify for a deputy, then within the budget approved by the county legislative body, the assessor may employ a secretary to assist in the operation of the office. The assessor may also employ additional staff and establish compensation for all employees with the appropriation for the office established by the county legislative body. The assessor is liable for the malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance of his or her deputy assessors.

Services Offered:

David A. Tuck - Assessor of Property
Dale McLeod - Deputy Personal Property
Penny Crowell - Deputy Real Property/Data Entry
Lisa Odle - Deputy Real Property/Mapping
Debbie Cantrell - Deputy Personal/Real Property

David Tuck Named West Tennessee Assessor of the Year, 2005
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