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Weakley County Commission Agendas, Minutes, and resolutions

In this section, Weakley County Commission Minutes, Agendas, and Resolutions are organized by tabbed years. Click on a tab and you will find all of the agendas, minutes, and resolutions that correspond with that year. With the resolutions, you will find a description of what that resolution entails. Click on any one of them to view them in PDF format. To report errors, please e-mail weakleycountytn@gmail.com.


All documents are organized by Weakley County's Economic Fiscal Year, which is from July 1 through June 30. All documents are currently in PDF format.


    2015-2016 Resolutions

    2014-2015 Resolutions

    2013-2014 Resolutions

2012-2013 Resolutions

    2011-2012 Resolutions

    2010-2011 Resolutions

    2009-2010 Resolutions