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Weakley County Clerk

The County Clerk is a constitutional officer and is elected by the people for a term of four (4) years. The Clerk has many important functions within the county government. The County Clerk serves as clerk of the county legislative body, keeps records of the county legislative body and sends required notices.

The minutes of the county legislative body meetings are required to be promptly and fully recorded by the County Clerk and are open to public inspection. The County Clerk collects business taxes, hotel-motel taxes, handles motor vehicle registration and licensing and may solemnize a marriage.

Since notaries public are elected by the county legislative body, the county clerk keeps a record of the notaries public in the county and has duties involving coordination between the Office of Secretary of State and the notary applicant. County clerks have other miscellaneous licensing duties, including hunting and fishing licenses, manufactured home licenses and others.

Another service to the citizens of Weakley County is the capability to register to vote in the County Clerk's office. In some counties the County Clerk is also the clerk of the Juvenile Court, and Weakley County is one of these Counties.