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Weakley County Employees My E-Stub Paperless Pay System Overview, Login Instructions, and FAQs

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Weakley County Schools and Government has an efficient and convenient alternative to printing and distributing direct deposit pay stubs. All employee access pay stubs online. The Weakley County Department of Finance does not distribute paper copies of employee pay stubs. This paperless pay system, called “My E-Stub,” allows employees 24/7 access to:

◄ View and print pay stubs online beginning with your January 2014 pay stub
◄ Update address, phone number, and all other contact information with your employer
◄ View important notices and updates from your employer
◄ Option to choose to receive automatic e-mail or text message notifications when your pay stub is available to view and/or print
◄ View the current Weakley County Newsletter for insurance updates and more

Below is your step-By-Step guide to
Setting up and accessing your “My E-Stub” account.

I. EMPLOYEE PORTAL LOGIN: Access your account online by visiting: http://my-estub.com
a.) Click on Employee Portal at the top left.
b.) In the drop box under Employee Portal, enter your Username. Your username will be:
WCG + 00000 (five numeric zeroes) + last four of SS# + the first four letters of your first name in all caps.

For example:

Employee name: John Doe
Social security number is: 555-00-1234
John Doe's username is: WCG000001234JOHN

If for some reason you cannot log in, call the Weakley County Department of Finance. For your privacy and security, employees have five (5) attempts to log in with the correct combination. If the system displays a prompt that your Username is "locked", call the Weakley County Department of Finance.

c.) Enter the default password: WCG001 [All capital letters W C G and zero - zero - one] with no spaces
Once you have logged in with this password, the system will require that you enter your own unique and secure password.

When a password is secure, it means that only you have access to it. The Department of Finance will not have access to your password, and will not be able to tell you what your unique password is if you should forget it. In creating your password, you must use the following guidelines:
► Must be between 8 - 20 characters
► At least 1 capital letter
► At least 1 lower case letter
► At least 1 number
► At least 1 special character such as: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - + = , . / < > ?
► Your new password is case sensitive to assist in keeping your information secure.

III. CHOOSING YOUR SECURITY QUESTIONS: My E-Stub Paperless Pay further protects your account's safety by requiring security questions. Choose answers to security questions that only you would know.
a.) Click on the "Choose a question" drop down menu to choose from the list of questions.
b.) Once you select your question, type the answer in the Security Answer Box.
c.) Repeat the same process for the Second Security Question.
d.) Click Next.

IV. CHOOSING YOUR E-MAIL DELIVERY OPTIONS: You have the option to receive e-mail alerts that will notify you when your pay stub is ready to view. You may also choose to receive your pay stub as a secure, password protected PDF file to your e-mail.
a.) Choose E-mail.
b.) Enter the e-mail address for which you will want to receive your notifications.
c.) Confirm the e-mail address by typing it in again.
d.) Click Submit.
e.) Type the confirmation code: XY67DF@@^%&.
An e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address that contains the confirmation code: XY67DF@@^%&.
Some users report that they never received this e-mail - this is okay. The only thing the e-mail includes is the confirmation code that you already have.
f.) Click OK.
g.) Enter a secondary e-mail address and confirm, or select No 2nd E-mail if you do not have a secondary e-mail that you wish to use. Click Finish.
h.) Choose one of the three options:
► 1. Do not send my stub, or
► 2. Notify me when it's available, or
► 3. Send my stub as a password protected PDF file.
Click Next.
W2s are NOT an available option, so skip the W2s part.

V. CHOOSING YOUR TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATIONS: If you would like to receive your pay information directly to your cell phone, follow these instructions:
a. Choose Activate Text Message Notifications.
b. Pick up to 6 options.
c. Select your cellular provider. (not all cellular providers are listed - if they are not listed, you may not be able to choose this option)
d. Enter your cellular phone number.
e. Click Finish.

VI. VIEWING YOUR PAY STUBS: Your Electronic Pay Advice Listing is a menu of all of your available pay stubs. Each pay stub is listed on your account for 36 months.
a. To select a pay stub to view, click on the blue Trans ID number next to the Payment Date.
Print and/or Save your pay stub as you see necessary.


The paperless pay system was implemented for your convenience and to enhance the ease of retrieving your payment information and receiving notifications from your employer. This system was put into place to help you. If you cannot log in or have E-Stub issues, call the Weakley County Department of Finance. If you are a Weakley County Employee, do not contact Paperless Pay directly, as they are not authorized to assist you.


Often, the employee newsletter will be uploaded into the My E-Stub system and will be displayed upon logging in. You will be prompted when you log in to read the newsletter. You will then need to acknowledge receipt of the newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "Acknowledge Receipt" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Frequently asked Questions [FAQ]
Question # 1:

When will I be able to view my pay stub?


Great question. Your pay stub will be accessible for you to view online on your pay date at 7:00 a.m. For example, if you are regularly paid on the 15th of each month, your pay stub will be available to view at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of the 15th, and not before. In addition, that pay stub will be available for you to view for 36 months.

Question # 2:

How far back do my pay stubs go?


Your pay stubs are archived beginning with your January 2014 pay stub through to present day. Nothing prior to January 2014 is available online. Pay stubs are available to view online for 36 months. To make that more clear, your pay stub from January 2014 will be available to view until January 2017. If one of your pay stubs is not showing, and you think it should be, contact us at the Weakley County Department of Finance, and we will investigate the issue.

Question # 3:

Why did Weakley County switch to using My E-Stub Paperless Pay?


Weakley County switched to Paperless Pay for the convenience of employees in retrieving payment information with 24/7 access. Employees no longer have to be limited to getting a lost pay stub, viewing pertinent insurance information, or getting notifications from department heads and supervisors during the business day hours. Employees now have around-the-clock access to retrieving payment information securely, anytime he or she wishes. Simply put, the program was implemented to better service employees.

Question # 4:

Will the Department of Finance print me a copy of my pay stub?


No. The Department of Finance does not distribute hard copies of pay stubs. All employees must access their pay stubs online at http://my-estub.com. Once logged in, an employee can print any or all of their stubs, save, or both. Employees can also choose to have their stubs e-mailed directly to them by choosing the e-mail option inside of the user settings in their My E-Stub Account.


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