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Department of Finance Bid Information

Procurement Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Weakley County Department of Finance Purchasing Division to achieve the highest degree of open, free market competition when soliciting pricing and/or proposals. All quotes, bids and/or proposals shall receive equal, fair and non-preferential treatment throughout the entire procurement process. 

The best interest of Weakley County, Tennessee, shall be the final determining factor for the basis of any award with award evaluation criteria, including consideration of factors such as price, service, delivery time, specifications, prior history and any other pertinent information. 

Current bids open in Weakley County are listed below.

The complete specifications of all bids are included in the information that a vendor will need is found in the links below. Note that the due dates and times for bids are solidified and cannot be extended for any reason. All bid information is in PDF format.

Before completing a bid, applicants must be added as a possible vendor for Weakley County. All possible vendors must read the purchasing policy and fill out a bidder/vendor application for Weakley County. Those documents are found here:

Before You Can Bid - Read, Complete, Return:

1. Purchasing Policy for Weakley County - Read
2. Bidder/Vendor Application for Weakley County - Complete & Return

3. W-9 Form (Request for Taxpayer ID# & Certification Form) - Complete & Return

    • Weakley County's Current Bids and RFPs

      Invitations to Bid/Request for Proposal/Qualifications
      Bid Item Date Time
      Bid #2017-09: Sale of Surplus Properties February 22, 2017 10 AM

      Schools Construction Project RFP and Bid Information

      Currently, there is a Weakley County Schools Construction Project in progress. For this project, Weakley County Department of Finance will only have a brief and condensed overview of the RFP or Bid Items. All RFPs or Bids that are part of the Weakley County Schools Construction Project will be found in the table below and will require interested responders to contact the Construction Manager for the full Bid/RFP specifications. The contact is:

      Weakley County Schools Construction Project Manager
      Jimmy or Cary Henson
      Henson Construction Services, Inc.
      (731) 664-5858

      Schools Construction Project Bids / Requests for Proposal Info
      Bid Information Date Time
      No current projects



      more info