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Department of Finance And Payroll

Weakley County Government employees 1212 individuals with a gross annual payroll of $24.3 million. Weakley County Government is the third largest employer in the county. The Director of Finance implemented the direct deposit system for all county employees. As a result, Weakley County has an annual savings of $84,133. The Department of Finance administers all employee benefits such as health insurance, employee retirement, and supplementary policies. The Department also provides orientation for all new county employees.


Pre-Employment Payroll Documents:

Drug Test Notice
Drug and Alcohol Consent Form

Important Forms for Payroll:

New Hire Reporting Form (New Employees)
W-4 Form
I-9 Form
Direct Deposit Form
E-Stub Login Instructions - For Weakley County Employees
E-Stub's Website Login Page: my-estub.com
Affordable Care Act Notice [Federally Mandated]

Important Documents for Payroll:

Code of Ethics
Personnel Handbook [Personnel Policies]
Hybrid Plan - TCRS [Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System]
FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Information
FMLA Eligibility, Rights & Responsibilities
Sick Leave Bank Policy
Sick Leave Bank Donation Form
2017 Holiday Schedule

Payroll Insurance Forms and Documents

2017 Insurance Rates - Local Education
2017 Insurance Rates - Local Government
2017 Eligibility & Enrollment Guide - Local Education
2017 Eligibility & Enrollment Guide - Local Government
Local Government Insurance Checklist
Local Education Insurance Checklist
Health/Dental/Vision Enrollment and Change Application
Dependent Eligibility
Partnership Promise
TennCare Notice
COBRA Notice [Continuing Insurance After Employment]
HIPAA Notice [Privacy Practices]