Weakley County Employees:
All about the 2014 Partnership Promise

January 1, 2014, started the new plan year for Weakley County Employees with ParTNers for Health Group Health Insurance. Employees who have chosen the Partnership PPO Plan will want to begin making plans to fulfill the requirements of the Partnership Promise.

All members and their covered spouses must:
(Well-Being Assessment deadline was March 15, 2014)


Other helpful links:

- Instructions for the Well-Being Assessment (new members)

- How to Schedule Your Onsite Health Screening

- Physician screening form for your doctor

- Onsite Screening Schedule

- Screening Locations

- Screening Informative Flier


Note: Covered dependents are not required to fulfill the promise.

Need more? Click on www.partnersforhealthtn.gov

Or you can call us at the Department of Finance: 731.364.5429




Weakley County Employees:
2013 W-2 Codes Explained

Employees who will receive a W-2 for employment with Weakley County will see some numbers on their W-2 that might need clarification.


Box 12: DD - The amount in this box equals the cost of employer-sponsored health coverage. This number is the total cost of premiums paid in 2013. (Combining the amount the employee pays and the amount the county pays towards the coverage.) The amount report with code DD is NOT taxable. The amount is for the employee's information only.


Box 14: DDNTB (Deductible Non Taxable Benefit) - This number is the amount the employee paid on tax sheltered benefits. This number includes [but is not limited to] benefit contributions for employee portions of health premiums, dental premiums, vision premiums, some AFLAC and USAble premiums, as well as Horace Mann. The amount reported with the code DDNTB is NOT taxable. The amount is for the employee's information only.


Make sense? Should you need more information about any information on your W-2, call the Department of Finance: 731.364.5429.