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The climate of Weakley County is classified as mid-temperate with fairly cool winters and warm, moist summers. The fall months of September, October, and November have extended periods of fair weather and generally low wind speeds with minimal precipitation. An attractive aspect to the county climate is four distinctive seasons, each with its own special beauty.

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Climate Desciptor Descriptor Result
Annual Average Temperature 62.1 Degrees
Average Monthly Temperatures in Degrees F


February 44.6
March 51.6
April 61.9
May 70.8
June 79.8
July 81.8
August 81.0
September 74.4
October 63.6
November 50.6
December 43.5
Yearly Average Snowfall 4.8 inches
Annual Average Precipitation 49.73 inches
Annual Total Number of Normal Degree Heating Days 4147
Annual Total Number of Normal Degree Cooling Days 1530
Frost Free Period March 20 through November 12
Prevailing Winds South - Southwest
Mean Hourly Speed 8.8 Miles Per Hour
Elevation 400 feet above sea level
Average Relative Humidity - Morning 80%
Average Relative Humidity - Afternoon 60%
Average Length of Snowing Season 140 Days
Average Date of First Frost November 12
Average Date of Last Frost March 20
Average Growing Season 236 Days

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