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Weakley County Office on Aging, Dresden Senior citizens Center, and the sharon senior citizens center

The Weakley County Office on Aging serves homebound persons in different capacities. The Office on Aging, located at 589 Evergreen Street in Dresden, is the focal point of all aging services in Weakley County. The Office on Aging serves the senior citizens in Dresden, Martin, Sharon, Gleason, Greenfield, Palmersville, and Latham. This includes inside and outside city limits.


The goal of all aging programs is to provide services and opportunities to the 60 plus population. The Weakley County Office on Aging proudly provides the following services:



Meals on Wheels:

Provides noon time meal that provides 1/3 or the recommended daily allowance of nutrients for the 60+ age group. This meal is delivered to the shut-ins and also is provided throughout the county at the different Senior Centers for those that can make it into the centers. To sign up please call and our service coordinator will do an assessment on you to see if you qualify.

A total of 2,610 meals have been delivered to clients in Dresden, Martin, Sharon, Greenfield, Gleason and the surrounding areas from July 1, 2010 through February 28, 2011. This is all thanks to United Way funding. Without the funding, the number of meals could not be provided to the clients.

We also offer at a reduced price, Ensure Plus. A one time only doctors prescription is needed. A case of Ensure Plus is $25.00 and a case of Glucerna shake is $35.00. In Ensure we offer Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Butter Pecan. In Glucerna we offer Chocolate and Vanilla.

Nutrition Services:
Provides a noonday meal at the Senior Center five days per week.

Homemake Service:
The Office on Aging provides a program that allows a person to go into a client's home and perform general housekeeping. Presently, there are 17 persons serving the Office of Aging, thanks to United Way Funding. An additional 7 are served by state funding, and one person is served by Family Caregiver funds. The homemaker program enables a person to remain at home without being instituationalized. Call 731-364-5678 for more information.

Telephone Reassurance:
A member of the Office of Aging staff makes a daily phone call to persons who are on the call list to to keep a check on needs and client health. If there is no response from the individual called, the emergency contact person is notified to check on them. Call 731-364-5678 for more information.

Health Screening:
Offers monthly blood pressure check by local home health agency also has available for daily use, a blood pressure monitor. Foot clinics are also offered monthly, as well as any other planned health screening.

Friendly Visiting:
The Office of Aging staff provides this service to person who are in the nursing home, assisted living facilities, hospitals, or homebound folks. Each of these individuals is visited monthly to keep in contact and make sure all is going alright in the client's home.

Physical Fitness:

Exercise Hours 7:00am-7:00pm
The physical fitness activities feature exercises that are both structured, such as aerobic line dancing, and non-structured. They are designed to maintain and/or improve physical health. The Office on Aging offers indoor walking and also a large exercise room with several pieces of equipment for your exercising enjoyment. The Exercise Gym is open Monday-Thursday from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and on Friday from 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. The gym is a great asset to the Dresden Senior Citizen Center.

Provides opportunities to acquire knowledge in areas such as health, crime, and accident prevention.

Information and Assistance:
Provides information about available public and voluntary services. For information concerning commodities and heating assistance, please call Lottie Cooper at 731-364-2272. For Dept. of Human Services, please call 731-364-3128.

Recreational and Special Events:
Activities offered throughout the county at the different Senior Centers include: cards, bingo, crafts, dominoes, chess, games, quilting, trips, health seminars, pot-luck luncheons, singings, dances, cake and ice cream parties, and many activities not listed here. Special events consist of planned trips to various places of interest, such as the Senior Olympics. To find out more information and to contact the different sites in the county call: Dresden Senior Center - 731-364-5678, Martin Senior Center -731-587-3900, Sharon Senior Center - 731-456-2213, Greenfield Senior Nutrition Site - 731-235-2815, Gleason Seniors -731- 648-9119.

The Northwest Tennessee Human Resource Agency Public Transportation has an office located at the Office on Aging. Transportation is provided for all ages to doctors visits (including dialysis), recreation, shopping, personal business, etc. Wheelchair vans are available. It is recommended to call at least 4-5 days in advance to ensure your name is added to the list. Please call for Transportation information at 731-364-3581.

The Office on Aging's Respite program provides an CNA or LPN from the Office on Aging to go into a home and relieve caregivers from 2-4 hours per week. At the present, there are three part-time respite workers for Weakley County. This allows caregivers who provide 24 hour care the opportunity to get out of the house for a while to take care of business and take a break if necessary. Call 731-364-5678 for more information on respite services.

Provides a worker to go into the home and do heavier housework other than what our homemakers do. Also can include yard work.

NOTE: All Office on Aging programs in Weakley County are funded or partially funded by: U.S. Older American Act, Tennessee Commission on Aging, N.W. Tn. Development District (Are Agency on Aging and Disabilities), local county and city governments, and the United Way of West Tennessee.


Company Constituent Facts
(Facts gathered by Jennifer Wood, United Way of West Tennessee)

Employee Participation History

Year Giving %Change Emplys Giving Emplys %Part

Emply Gift

Per Capita

Avg. Gift
2011 $2,088.00 -11.4% 170 15 8.8% $12.28 $139.20
2010 $2,358.00 -5.3% 170 24 14.1% $13.87 $98.25
2009 $2,490.22 5.7% 170 3 1.7% $14.64 $830.07
2008 $2,354.64 -23.4% 170 16 9.4% $13.85 $147.16
2007 $3,074.64 -3.6% 170 20 11.7% $18.08 $153.73



Employee Payroll Deduction Giving Statistics

Year PRD
%Change % Total
% Total
Giving Emplys.
Avg. Gift
2011 $2,088.00 -11.4% 100.0% 15 100.0% $139.20
2010 $2,358.00 -5.3% 100.0% 24 100.0% $98.25
2009 $2,490.22 5.7% 100.0% 3 100.0% $830.07
2008 $2,354.64 -23.4% 100.0% 16 100.0% $147.16
2007 $3,074.64 -3.6% 100.0% 20 100.0% $153.73