Weakley County Privacy Policy

Weakley County Official Privacy Policy -- See also: Weakley County Copyright Notice

Weakleycountytn.gov does not collect personal information from visitors to its site. Internet browsers, in the normal operation of the software, store copies of recently visited pages and recently viewed images on the computer harddrive.


Weakleycountytn.gov does not, in any way, use or manipulate these files to obtain or track the activities of visitors. However, weakleycountytn.gov utilizes programs to moniter the volume of traffic and generally searched content. Weakleycountytn.gov uses any information gathered for the sole purpose of providing more content to best aid and assist citizens and residents in their search for information on this website. In addition, all information the webmaster receives is both general and temporary.


All comments or questions can be directed to the Webmaster at: weakleycountytn@gmail.com.

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