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Weakley County Solid Waste Services

Auto & Lawn Batteries
Large Appliances
*Appliances with freon must have a receipt indicating proper disposal of the freon from the unit being disposed of, or pay a $10.00 fee for freon disposal at the site.

► Bagged garbage is $1.00 per large bag (All garbage must be in bags).
► $15.00 per pickup truck load

Used Motor Oil
Up to 5 gallons per day accepted per individual.
Motor Oil must not be mixed with brake fluid, antifreeze, water, etc.
Keep oil in container with lid closed.

Waste Tires
Vehicle, tractor tires, & all other tires are accepted.
Please make an appointment to deliver the tires to ensure a trailer is available.
You may make your appointment by calling the Convenience Center

Call the Solid Waste Department to find out more about what types of items are acceptable.