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Weakley County Government Transparency

Weakley County is committed to helping its citizens obtain the information they need to be able to fully participate in their government. Weakley County believes that to ensure the public trust and provide a system of transparency, public participation and collaboration are essential. Weakley County believes that transparency in government, locally and nationally, strengthens democracy and promotes efficiency and effectiveness in Government.


The most recent budget and past budgets are available by navigating to Weakley County Department of Finance Budgets. Not only is the current fiscal year available, but visitors may also review copies of the recommended and adopted budgets for the past 10 years.

Property Taxes

Local property taxes make up one of the largest sources of revenue for Weakley County. Learn more about property taxes and local tax rates.

Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports

While the budget outlines a prospective blueprint for moving forward for the upcoming fiscal year, the annual financial reports show how close Weakley County came to those projections and what the actual spending was from the previous budget period. All of these reports, dating to 2005, are available by navigating to Weakley County Audits.

Procurement Process

Find out all about the Weakley County Procurement Process, purchasing, all associated policies, and current open bids in Weakley County. Find it all on the Weakley County Department of Finance Bid Information page.

Contact information

Phone numbers and contact information for the Weakley County Commissioners, the County Executive and County Departments are prominently displayed on our Weakley County Directory page. Weakley Countians may request public information by filling out a Public Request for Information Form.

Open Meeting Laws

Citizens have the right to monitor and provide oversight in their local governing body. All meeting schedules are posted prior to every meeting on the Weakley County Calendar, the news scroll on the home page of the website, as well as on the Public Notice Board located at the Weakley County Courthouse.

Meeting Agenda Items

To assist the public in getting a full understanding of the items before any Weakley County Commission Meeting or Health, Education, and Economic Development Committee Meeting, agendas are posted online in easy print format. Find upcoming agendas with the event information on the Weakley County Calendar or on the clickable news scroll on the home page.

Social Media Integration

Starting July of 2012, Weakley County transitioned into expanding communication with citizens and other publics through social media outlets. The addition shows Weakley County’s commitment to adhering to standards for transparency in government as well as promoting civic engagement. Connect with Weakley County on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and on the Wordpress Blogsite.