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Who needs a building permit? Anyone who is building a new home, adding new additions to a home, moving a mobile home, or putting in an in-ground swimming pool needs to purchase a building permit. Other items such as cell-phone towers, pole barns, and any other structure added to one’s property valued at over $5,000.00 is required to have a building permit. The first step is to obtain a flood plain map at the Emergency Management/911 Office located inside the Weakley County Detention Center on Highway 22. There is no charge for a flood plain map.

Where can I obtain a building permit?
You may obtain a building permit at the Weakley County Trustee’s Office located on the first floor of the Weakley County Courthouse.

What do I need to obtain a building permit? You should provide the following information to complete the building permit application:
► Address of the property
► Contractor information
► Owner information
► Legal Description
► Class of work
► Cost of work
You will be issued a receipt and a building permit to be displayed on your property for the electric company and others such as your contractor who might require it. Even if you do the work yourself, you need to purchase a building permit.

Is there a permit fee?
Yes. The cost of a building permit is $25.00.

How long are the permits valid?
Currently there is no expiration date on building permits.

What about restrictions and inspections?
Weakley County does not have any building codes or restrictions if you live outside the city limits, besides the $25 building permit fee. If you reside inside the city contact your City Hall for information about building permit procedures.