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Weakley County Trustee

Duties of the Trustee

The Trustee is the banker for Weakley County. The Trustee's Office collects all local taxes as well as flow down dollars from the state and federal government. This money is then placed into investment accounts to collect interest until it is spent by the school board or county commission. These temporarily idle funds generate revenue dollars for your county. We keep a daily and monthly balance of all accounts and report our activities to the county legislative body each month.

The Trustee is also charged with administering the tax relief program offered by the State of Tennessee for elderly and disabled residents, and disabled veterans. The Trustee files bankruptcy claim forms for unpaid taxes that are held in the office and collects payment. The Trustee keeps a list of taxes for the drainage districts and collects the drainage tax. The Trustee collects severance tax for minerals that are removed from property in Weakley County. The Trustee collects beer tax from local vendors.

The Trustee’s Office completes a daily reconciliation of all warrants to ensure that expenditures are accurately accounted for.

The Trustee is responsible to the Citizens of the County concerning questions about revenues. Building Permits are also issued in the Trustee’s Office for building outside of the city limits. The cost of a permit is $25.00.