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Weakley County Trustee

Office Updates

The Trustee's Office is proud and excited about their many updates and changes.
Check out the list below.

1. A P.O.S. credit/debit card machine was installed.


2. Two computer workstations with Microsoft Office capabilities were installed at no cost to the County.


3. Uploads are being sent to the State tax relief office, resulting in fax cost savings and faster processing of applications.


4. An updated filing system using printed labels and hanging folders for easier accessibility has been implemented.


5. Tax aggregate, property tax gain and loss, and sales tax worksheets are now complied using excel.


6. County Commissioners are mailed balance sheets and tax aggregate status monthly rather than only County Commission meeting months.


7. The disaster recovery plan for the office was updated to better prepare the office in case of an unforeseen event.


8. A computer software/hardware procedure manual was created not only to comply with the State EDP audit but to better educate the staff on all policies and uses in regards to the office’s equipment.


9. The office registered with the State of Tennessee Edison site for instantaneous data in regards to funds that are deposited in the County’s bank account from State and Federal sources.


10. The office is using the State of Tennessee Property Assessment Division’s website to get updated property owner and appraisal value data for customers.


11. A daily backup log was created for the electronic media tapes in the office to comply with recommendations from County Audit.


12. A daily mail log was created for all U.S. mail and overnight delivery mail to comply with recommendations from County Audit.


13. Employees were cross-trained on every aspect of the duties carried out in the day-to-day operations of the office.


14. New property owner letters were generated to notify taxpayers of potential tax liability.


15. Community Outreach Programs were offered on Saturdays to citizens at the First State Banks in Dresden, Sharon, Greenfield and Martin, Dresden Office on Aging, Palmersville and Latham Fire Departments. The program gives assistance to tax payers that may qualify for the State Tax Relief Program. Since 2008, the office has signed up 304 new applicants. The County now has 744 participants on the State Tax Relief Program.


16. A new tax notice was sent to 2009 taxpayers. The notice offered more details about payment options and programs offered. It was mailed in a sealed envelope for privacy to the taxpayers. It also included a remittable stub to send in with the payment.


17. Automatic bank draft payments are offered for property tax payments. The citizen may pick their month for a one time payment or make payments each month.

18. For the 2008-2009 FY, the Trustee’s Office received the first perfect audit since 1995.


19. An Internal Control Policy was created and implemented in August 2015.


20. The office will begin using barcode scanners for the 2015 tax season.

21. A new software package has been installed that allows the office to back scan paper documents into the tax software. This will be a safer way to store sensitive data documents. They will only be able to be accessed with a username and password. After the documents are scanned, they will be destroyed after the state mandated retention period.


22. A new Public Records Policy was implemented on July 1, 2017.