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Tax Relief Information

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The Tax Relief Credit is a grant, and never has to be paid back by the property owner as long as all questions are answered accurately.

For 2017, the maximum tax relief income limits:
2016 Annual income limit of $29,180
SS Maximum Monthly Income of $2,438.96

The tax relief amount for 2017 taxes is $138.00


You may be eligible for Tax Relief if you are:

• Age 65 or older with combined annual income of all owners not exceeding $29,180 in 2016; or
• 100% disabled with a combined annual income of all owners not exceeding $29,180 in 2016; or
• 100% disabled veteran or widow(er) of a disabled veteran who meets additional state requirements.
• Spouse of a soldier killed in action.

Applicants must live on and use the property (for which they are applying for Tax Relief) as their primary residence. Only one place of residence may receive Tax Relief assistance per year. To apply for Tax Relief call (731) 364-3643. Signed applications must be received in our office before March of each year. To ensure prompt processing, it is recommended that applications be returned to the Trustee’s Office prior to December 31.


Documents to Bring - For All Homeowners
• Social Security Cards
• Medicare Cards
• 2016 Proof of Income (not to exceed $29,180 total)
• Social Security
• Workers' Compensation
• Salaries or Wages
• Interest or Dividends
• Rental Income
• Any other income not listed above.
• Mobile Home Title or Bill of Sale (if applies)
• Death Certificate for Any Deceased Owner
• Probated Will (if inherited)

QUESTIONS? Please call us if you need assistance: 731-364-3643