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Weakley County's Website - Happy Birthday to us!

The Weakley County Website, www.weakleycountytn.gov, is 10 years old!

We are proud to have served Weakley County Citizens for these wonderful 10 years, and look forward to many, many more years of service. This website was developed and first became accessible for public use in fall of 2004.

Originally a conception of Weakley County Director of Finance, Shawn Francisco, the idea came to fruition with research and the help of local web developers. The first intentions for the Weakley County Website were simple: to house information about county offices, industrial development, county, school, and road commissioners, county calendar of events, and downloadable forms and policies. Since then, we discovered new and exciting goals to our purpose: promoting civic engagement, advocating local government transparency, and presenting pertinent and relevant information while providing a platform from which to educate and enrich the lives of the residents in Weakley County's Communities. We honor this opportunity.

For the year 2014, the Weakley County Website received an average of 28,687 page views per month. Some popular searched content includes: Weakley County Government Departments and Offices, Weakley County Courthouse Information, Schools, WCMES, Finance Bids, and Property Taxes Info.

In July of 2012, Weakley County Government began integrating social media into local government. The implementation was designed to provide citizens an “instant service” for questions such as where to pay a bill, traffic tickets, meeting schedules, and more. Using Twitter, Facebook, and Wordpress, the goal was to increase citizen participation and interest. Locals can “tweet” a request for information, and get answers in real time. The addition shows Weakley County’s commitment to adhering to standards for transparency in government.

As of December 2015, Weakley County has:
► 574 Followers on Twitter
► 778 Likes on Facebook
► 295 Connections on LinkedIn
► 9,622 Wordpress views (for 2014)

Want to help Weakley County? Let us know how we can improve. What would you like to see added, updated, improved, changed, or otherwise modified on the Weakley County Website? What do you like on the website, and what is the website lacking?

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