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Weakley County Clerk and Master

Uniform Local Rules 27th Judicial District - www.tsc.state.tn.us


Regina VanCleave formerly worked as a deputy in the Clerk and Master's Office before working with local attorneys. Before she was appointed the Weakley County Clerk and Master, Regina had been working with Chancellor Mike Maloan. Regina VanCleave is a 2009 graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin. She and her husband have 2 children.

Deputy Charlotte Leyhue has been with the office since 9-25-2000. Deputy Faye Davis has been with the office since 10-1-2010. Deputy Susan Armour began working in the office on 8-29-2012.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to continue to serve the people of Weakley County with professionalism. We strive to perform our duties in a detailed yet, speedy and accurate manner, and we are dedicated to helping those who need our help. Realizing that every employee is a representative of Weakley County, our mission is to perform our duties with the utmost care and courtesy, so as to present a reflection of professionalism for the Weakley County Clerk and Master's Office and Weakley County as a whole.

Performance Objectives
We have continuously worked to modernize this office by providing electronic information to our customers. We have been able to index many of our books so as to provide customers with instant access to records that are found in Chancery Court. One of our objectives is to complete this computerized index for every book in this office giving immediate access to records as far back as 1834. Our ultimate goal is to give fast and efficient service, thereby conserving time for those who visit us.