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Weakley County Register of deeds

Duties of the Register

The Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining public records and documents relating to real estate ownership.


The Register of Deeds for Weakley County, Donna Winstead, has served Weakley County for 38 years. She was elected Register of Deeds in August 2002.

Donna Winstead invites you to navigate the links to the right to learn more about Weakley County deeds, and feel free to search for documents online by visiting: www.titlesearcher.com.

History of Register of Deeds


The Office of Register in Tennessee has origins back to the period when Tennessee's region was still part of the English colony of Carolina. The office was basically outlined in the colony's first fundamental law, know as the Concession and Agreement of 1665, and was modeled by the British office, which took similar methods from those used in Normandy. The register of deeds' most general duties have always been to record various types of legal instruments and transactions.

Appointed Office

The Register's Office in Carolina continued under the colonies Fundamental Constitution of 1715, when qualified voters elected three freeholders who became candidates for the office. The governor then appointed one of these three small landowners to be the register. The register was to serve "during good behavior." When Tennessee became a state in 1796, its first Constitution included a provision for a register to be elected in every county by the County Court. The term of office was indefinite and the register continued to be expected to serve "during good behavior."

Popular Election

The Tennessee Constitution of 1834 provided for the popular election of the register, reflecting the trend of the Jacksonian era. Tennessee's Constitution of 1870 retained the Office of Register and made the term of office four years. The 1978 amendments to the Tennessee Contitution retained the four-year term for the register.